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Monogram “ m „


“ m “ from memory, meeting, meadow, mass, make, mother, midday, midsummer, midnight, minstrel, mouse, mumble, muffin, melon, magnanimity … and of course, from the name of whom belongs the glass pearls –  embroidery  🙂

Memory … midsummer … the sun warms with magnanimity the earth. Nobody wants to stay at home. The Nature is calling us out to play!… telephones … it´s a good time to meet on a meadow … picnic … on the grass appeared blankets and wicker baskets filled with good  stuff.

Hy! Hy! It´s good to see you! Nice to meet you! how are you …  🙂

Xoxo from friends, xoxo from unknown people, xoxo from kids, xoxo from dogs … OK, OK, too many kissies … lets pass to more serious things … !Fun!

A lot of people in a joyfull chaos.

They are forming groups … mothers discussing about parenting, not-mothers discussing about everything, men and boys playing something, socialising dog-pets, girls, delicate or not, weaving the hair or climbing and exploring all around.

Rustle of leaves, sprightly laughs and joy full yaps.

Step by step the hurry goes down. The baskets run over of fruit, sandwiches, salads and muffins. After so much activity all the people is hungry and tired.

Batteries are loading slow, swallow by swallow.

A good feeling!

It cross my mind that a minstrel would entertain the atmosphere. Somebody seems to have the same idea and guitar sounds are going to be heard.

The ladies change recipes, the gentlemen change opinions of “ doing yourself „. The kids are crunching cookies. Dog-pets are dozing happy after crunching a lot of good dog-stuff. A little dog mumbles sleeping near our blanket. It has for sure a very nice and active dream.

The sun disappears behind the trees in a majestic sun-down.

Midnight is approaching faster then we would wish. The blankets disappear one by one … Only the crumbles the mice are crunching with pleasure remain on the grass.

„M“ from Memory…








Die Farben der Blümchen haben die Gärten überzogen … Kleine Glühwürmchen schwirren auf Tango-Rhythmen zwischen den samtigen Blumenblätter 🙂 🙂 🙂

„Sommer-Romanze“, ein Tropfen Farbe, eine Gartenecke… magische Rosen die niemals ihre Blumenblätter verlieren.


„Sommer-Romanze“ (50×70 cm)